Creating A Heart of Gratitude

When was the last time you said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the many blessings He has showered upon you? I think St. Josemaria Escriva said it best. “Thank Him for everything, because everything is Good.” “Make it a habit to raise your heart to God, in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day.”

Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to start a gratitude movement. We would like all who desire to send us your gratitude moments in the form of notes, letters, or videos. We’ll post them and together we will build a gratitude movement based on our mutual love of God and our gratitude that He loves us unconditionally every moment of every day. We invite you to join us and together grow our hearts of gratitude.

Come & Join Our Movement

We want to help every family in the parish to develop a family-wide habit of expressing gratitude to one another for the actions of our family and friends. To God, for the prayers, He’s answered and the prayers He’s going to answer. So send us your moment big or small. The moments that you’re grateful for, the moments that truly touched hearts.

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About Us…

Have you ever prayed for something, something that was really important to you…your bid on a new house, a new job or promotion, an operation, or a health issue. Something as simple as an open parking space. Or this prayer I know we are all familiar with, “Dear St. Anthony I pray my,______________, has gone astray please bring it back without delay.

In any of those cases when your prayer was answered especially when it was answered in the way you were hoping…did you immediately stop and say thank you, Lord?

Or did you jump for joy with your wife that your bid was accepted, and you were getting a new house? Did you hold the pregnancy test with your wife smiling with a tear or two running down your face looking at each other and saying, “we’re going to have a baby!” Or did you pray, thank you Lord for creating a new life? Did you stop immediately upon hearing the words, congratulations you’ve been hired, and pray, thank you, Lord, I promise to glorify you with the fruits of this new job? Or was your first thought about how your financial life was going to change?


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What we do…

We work to help grow the virtue of gratitude in the hearts and minds of our followers and our fellow movement members.

The Virtue of Gratitude is unique in that it cannot be requested, demanded, or coerced; it can only be given. When you are grateful, it is impossible to also be hateful, angry, or fearful. Gratitude It is a gift, not an exchange. Gratitude is a virtue because we chose to celebrate something, rather than resent, what is in our life.

Our Mission

Is to create a gratitude movement, within our parish, within our families, within our community, and within the Church. It all starts and ends with our gratitude to and for the many gifts God has blessed us with.

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